Food Dyes Are Poison!
207 views • 02/01/2021
In this video I discuss various toxic food dyes and coloring used in processed foods. I give details of which foods have which dyes and what types of health issues these toxic substances cause. DO NOT trust the food industry to protect your health!
These dyes are in everything packaged- candy, ice cream, cakes cookies, breads, jello, gummy fruit snacks, chocolate pudding, cereals, sodas, protein shakes, sports and energy drinks, fruit punch and some fruit juices, iced teas, barbeque sauce, salsa and hot sauce, salad dressing, pancake syrup, baking mixes, some yogurts, snack chips, smoked salmon, some flavored applesauce, quick food dinner mixes like Hamburger helper and Kraft macaroni and cheese, even some PICKLES!
Sadly, this list is not exhaustive. There is more! ADHD, anxiety, fertility problems, allergies and cancer are just some of the health issues these food dyes can cause.
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