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Munich February 20, 2022 Security Conference Day 3 Insights To New World Order Great Reset At Present
Published 2 years ago
From about 35 minutes and 8 seconds of this Conference video, you will see a speaker give the up to the moment intentions of those who are causing the coming tentative Great Reset. In their own agenda, it is NOT as stable and as secure or sure a thing as they make it out to be. The tactics of intentional disinformation to the public is being deployed upon us, something weak systems of Government or weak positions of controlled power will do, and the vulnerability is right out of the Communist Disinformation playbook. The West now operates from a position of weakness, where even Italy depends on 90% of its natural gas mostly through pipelines through Ukraine, through Germany etc from an origin in Russia. Simply upset this in winter, and even the New World Order folks tremble in their stranglehold outlooks over the people they manipulate and control in the now.
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