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Published 2 years ago

Video recorded in Ottawa. Remember the RMCP blew up some oil wells before in Canada (I think 2009) to blame on "extremists".
These "people" do this stuff all the time. False flag averted? Only if you share this...
Inside a hotel...whats all that about???? These f*cking terrorists are seriously pissing me off.

Share my videos on all platforms, not just our hugboxes...make new accounts on their platforms and expect to be deleted.
Just get it out there, we need to break through the echo chamber...we are preaching to the converted!
Support here, cheers (I want to get on the road for IRL journalism...asking the creators and masons what they are doing live on stream...its a bike fund...I havent failed any of you yet!):

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Tune in to my streams! You will be happy you did! (I cover a lot I dont in videos!).
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