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Vaccinated AND Unvaccinated NEED Detoxing!
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Published a month ago

Medical Researchers are finding after about 6 months of the roll out of the vaccines not only was the blood of the vaccinated riddled with toxins and clotting agents in the blood but now also the unvaccinated. Also, the vaccinated are shedding on the unvaccinated through a process called transfection. But also, these toxins such as graphene, polymers, hydrogels are being found in many of our foods and even in our rainwater. The WEF Globalist knew not everyone would want a vaccine, so they spread it around in our environment to make the unvaccinated sick also... plus they are getting sick from the vaccinated. 

Dr. Ana Mihalcea is one of the first doctor/researchers that has found a way to clean the blood from these toxins. I hope other doctors will learn from her! She has been very successful with EDTA Chelation. 

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