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Airdrop Alert: How To Claim & Sell Your ETHW
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Published 2 months ago |

Now that the merge is completed are ETH is on the way to the next phase we still have ETHW to worry about. This covers how to claim and sell your ETHW or proof of work Ethereum

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With ETHW now listed on many exchanges with 49 trading pairs currently, it’s clearly growing in popularity. That’s why you need to claim your ETHW as soon as possible so you can cash in or get ready to HODL.

We will go through the steps to claim and sell your ETHW following exactly what I did to do this. I also cover doing this from a hardware wallet and what the extra steps are to complete this airdrop. Before we get into the tutorial though, let’s make sure you can actually claim this in the first place.

The only requirement you need to claim ETHW is to have held ETH in a wallet you own at the time of merge snapshot taken on September 15th, 2022. Given you have any amount of ETH or ETH assets not on exchanges or services that like lenders that require you to deposit your ETH, you will have received the airdrop with the equivalent amount of ETHW to your ETH.

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