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Dr. Zandre Botha Reveals Metallic "Self-Assembling" Object In Blood of People Who Received COVID Vax
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Published 3 months ago |
COVID vax contents have been exposed by various independent doctors around the world.

Dr. Zandre Botha from South Africa, a certified live and dried blood analyst of 15 years, appeared on the Stew Peters show to discuss her recent images relating to the COVID non-vaccine. Botha studied both the COVID vax itself as well as the blood of COVID-vaccinated patients.

She used vials of COVID vax (Johnson and Johnson) in her analysis. Botha confirmed that the results were highly disturbing and that she had never seen anything like this in her 15 years of blood microscopy analysis. She stresses several times in the interview that she is not an expert however she has been looking at blood and samples under microscopes for a decade and a half.

When she analyzed the blood of her vaxxed patients, she saw horrible examples of rouleau (the stacking and clumping of red blood cells together in columns).

Dr. Young talked about rouleau (and the corona effect) way back in 2020 at the start of this scamdemic. She also discovered a weird black substance/structure among the red blood cells. Notably, Dr. Botha found this in every single vaxxed patient with symptoms.

What she found in the vials was even more disturbing. First of all, she found the exact same aforementioned black structure in the vial as in blood. She also found dark or black symmetrical circles that could be metallic, held together by connectors (see the featured image of this article).

It looked engineered and was self-assembling.. On another slide, she shows that black lines had started to form on the cells.


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