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What Is Next?
Published 2 months ago

We are living in unpredented times. Major historic developments are underway. Awakened good folks everywhere are working to expose and stop the cultic evil criminals who have manipulated various levers of power for generations. However, this resistance movement has made the cabal more desperate and dangerous.

They have planned and are attempting to roll out a high-tech prison system for the rest of us. They are now trying to take over our bodies and minds with nanotechnology devices in and around us and programming frequency transmissions. They want nearly everyone out of rural areas and living in 15-minute controlled cities, with limits on consumption, travel and access to the wildlands.

Meanwhile they have distracted us and continue their attempts to generate fear with political theatre, war, predictive entertainment, economic issues, false narrative news, and horrible staged disasters.

What is next to come this Fall that will command the attention of nearly everyone still able to think?

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