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Hiring a Hitman Won't Solve Your Problems - Just Ask Joe Exotic
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Hiring a Hitman Won't Solve Your Problems - Just Ask Joe Exotic

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There's a belief out there that to be free from someone causing you grief, you simply have to end that person's life. Unfortunately, hiring a hitman is not an effective strategy for long term success.

Welcome to the social intelligence report, in this episode we'll look at the psychology behind hiring a hitman.

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I get it, we've all said at one point or another, 'I could kill that guy' or 'I want to murder her,' but what makes people take the step from slashing tires to plotting a murder?

Let's look at a few examples. The first is Joe Exotic from Tiger King. If you haven't seen the show, please stop this video and go watch it. The terms 'bat shit crazy,' 'utterly insane and 'meth addicted white trash' don't give it proper justice. In Joe's case, his bitter rival, conservationist Carol Baskin and her efforts to ban live tiger shows at shopping malls cost him a great deal of income. Joe also has the personality traits to create a perfect storm - paranoia, delusions of grandeur and unbridled vengeance.

Either way, he was convinced she had to go, but his plan came undone when he held discussions about the hit with an undercover FBI agent. He now has 22 years in club Fed to think about it.

Next is ex-NYPD officer Valerie Cincinelli. She was arrested for hiring an undercover FBI agent to murder her estranged husband and wannabe mobster boyfriend's teenage daughter. She wanted her husband dead due to a child custody dispute, she wanted her boyfriend's daughter out of the picture. Either way, cleaning covid-19 contaminated clothing at the metropolitan detention center in Brooklyn was not the outcome she was hoping for.

Finally, a guy in Texas decided to have his wife of 29 years murdered. He was being extorted by criminals and was spending thousands of dollars on his girlfriend. He kept doubling down, but ultimately, she believes he wanted her killed because she would never agree to a divorce.

In her words, 'I think before long he was in over his head. He really had no option but to have me shot.

Yikes. As you can see a lot of these situations arise when someone obsesses over a person or a perceived wrong until it becomes all-encompassing and they feel the only way out is to take action.

If you're seriously thinking of having someone whacked, stop. Please contact the social intelligence report immediately. We will work with you to craft your plan into a treatment and pitch it to Hollywood. Who knows, you might have the makings of a show to rival the hyper-insanity of Tiger King.

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