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Pfizer’s Planned Parenthood Program: Abortion Distraction For The Sterilization Nation
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The Dollar Vigilante
Published 19 days ago |
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Intro song: Biden’s “Disinformation Board" theme song / Buddy Brown:

More role playing by the new head of the Ministry of Truth:

US Debt by President:

In the latest #pfizerdocuments (below),it says that:- - Spontaneous abortion - Fetal death - Stillbirth - Congenital anomalies - Ectopic pregnancy are considered SAEs (Serious adverse events):;s=19

Pfizer's Adverse Events Credits... roll the tape!:;s=19

Dr. Naomi Wolf: What was the basis for Pfizer and the FDA to declare the mRNA vaccine ‘safe and effective’ for pregnant and breastfeeding women? Just 44 rats:

Kill "We didn't realize it was just the flu... in any case, we need to be more prepared next time!"

Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts:

'How dare they' - Kamala Harris blasts forthcoming decision on Roe v Wade:

Jane Roe Death-Bed Confession:

Disney has adopted a benefits program to assist employees and their minor children with "gender affirmation procedures." This type of treatment typically includes puberty blockers, breast removal, and genital surgeries for "kids who are transitioning.":

VIDEO: Psaki Says Sex Reassignment Surgery, Puberty Blockers for Kids Is ‘Best Practice,’ States Preventing It Will Be Held Accountable:

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