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Dr Ryan Cole - #StoptheMandate | Health Freedom Idaho
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Published 2 months ago |
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Dr Ryan Cole, another virologist and immunologist speaking out against the dangers of these experimental jabs our governments are attempting to force on their unwilling populations, despite the risk of autoimmune disease, heart inflammation, blood clots, infertility, and in some cases death.

Perfectly healthy people who would have coped with Covid, especially if they had built their immune systems with vitamins D & C and zinc, have died from these experimental jabs. Governments have indemnified pharmaceutical companies from liability, although they are making billions in profits. Where is the incentive to quality control? Do you really trust big pharma or these corrupt politicians and medical "professionals" who REFUSE to speak out, instead choosing to comply despite the growing number of AVOIDABLE deaths? - FNQ Citizen's Collective

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By: Health Freedom Idaho and Dr. Ryan Cole

"I am NOT anti-vaccine. I am pro- good science. My body, my choice.
Step back and look at the data and forget the politics. A quick analysis of the situation without fear and media hype. We need to have courage and logic and approach this in a manner the preserves liberty and protects people.
It is criminal these mandates for our young people.
Leave the kids alone, they survived this 100%. We are seeing a 200% increase in heart damage in our young men after this. This damage is scarring the heart, that's long-term! This is unethical, and a violation of morality.

This new 'variant is a 'scarient'. This is turning into what all coronaviruses turn into - a common cold.

If you want to be a subject in an experiment and think it's going to be a benefit to you. Your body your choice, be fully informed about what your risks are.
We shouldn't be coercing people into a shot where one of the potential side effects is DEATH!"
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