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Published a year ago

Exploratory and saddening conversation with Christopher Bertolino, who reports a long history of abusive non-consensual brain experimentation since childhood, suspected involvement of the US Army Signal Corps in implanting and persecuting him, suspected involvement of his own mother, a psychiatric nurse, in his involuntary submittal to lifelong persecution with torturous and pain-inducing wireless and wired body area networks, a Brain-Computer-Interface implant and a life set-up to be destroyed in name and reputation, slandered as violent and mentally ill while various dark agencies use his body and brain non-consensually for brain experimentation and abuse.

One of the things he reports is a loop going on both inside his head and played out by crisis-actors in his vicinity, where the intent appears to be to reproduce the false narratives which have served to mislabel and keep him down, with harassment and provocation theatre to induce violent reaction.

He reports being often stalked by police and EMS—as do many others similarly targeted and reporting similar crimes—and of the technology operating inside his head, spine, neck and skin and elsewhere of being similar to Deep Brain Stimulation or Neuromodulation, exercises in invasive brain experimentation which send shock signals and electrical pulses to various parts of his brain and organs.

While it appears Christopher's situation is dire it is a reflection also as he discusses of neglect by the larger society which conceals and permits such crime which victimizes and abuses the innocent and vulnerable. Listening to him speak about wishing to give back to a world which has harmed him is deeply touching and one can only hope those subjecting him to such invasive harm will awaken to conscience and moral compass and halt their attacks and exploitation of him.

Many worldwide are reporting similar non-consensual brain experimentation and energy weapon use on them, while being miscast as mentally ill as a cadre of being “targeted individuals.” Truly sadistic and ethicsless scientists and military and corporate control-fiends are behind these projects, and it is up to everyone in the world to step forward to help and ameliorate this situation while supporting victims in every way.

Christopher calls to the Italian-American community to recognize his plight and help, while sharing his email address for a Paypal donation: please send donations to his legal fund at @ChristopherBertolino on

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