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Big X Flare Sparks S2 Solar Radiation Storm, Earthquakes Strike Hawaii, California and Florida Coast
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Alex Hammer
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Published 15 days ago

- 25% CHANCE OF X-FLARES TODAY: Yesterday, the sun unleashed a powerful X3.4-class solar flare. NOAA forecasters say there is a 25% chance it could happen again today. The most likely source is big sunspot AR3576, which has an unstable delta-class magnetic field and is directly facing Earth.

 SOLAR RADIATION STORM IN PROGRESS: For the second day in a row, energetic protons from the sun are raining down on Earth. This is called a "solar radiation storm," and it is currently a category S2 event. A data-plot from NOAA's GOES-18 satellite shows how protons surged around our planet just after yesterday's X-class solar flare:

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