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Baal Worship at Queen’s Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 2022 in Birmingham England
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Deception is Not True Consent
Published 14 days ago |

The aerial view of Australia’s Parliament House with Goat of Mendes shows SATAN is their GOD on Earth and, SATAN is the head of their service corporation on Earth that Governments belong to. But, these whores ‘not’ of Creation forget whose Creation this is at 3rd dimension and we ‘of’ Creation will never accept SATAN as our GOD or GOD of this Planet that belongs to our Creator.

Facebook "Full of CIA Agents" Deciding Content Policy and the Pentagon has a 60,000 secret army

“Looking Glass” They know it’s checkmate with only a few moves left to the end of the Game

Climate Change TERRAFORMING Warning for Humanity

COVID-19 does not exist - never isolated - a hoax to destroy human’s GOD given immune systems.

Divine Technology nothing can compete with, it’s in our hands, evil forces don't stand a chance

Satanists Run The World and I Was A Strawman for them all in the World Financial Structure.

UFOs: Demonic Deception Documentary: are demons harassing humans pretending to be alien

(video shows their hate for creation) Mystery Babylon - Knight Templars, Freemasonry, Kabbalah

Video Mirrored from Scenery On The Road To Tyranny

All agendas on Earth after the 1970 Invoking are all in defiance to creation – because - Intelligence Agencies, Military, Governments are accountable through 1970 Invoking after I, as a Navy Diver withdrew from the game after clandestine act under age when they violated the authority of signed law document - referred to as the authority of the god’s document under the Commonwealth of Australia and its Constitution and they were already accountable for alien technology in me and on Earth as my ct-scan shows on my website along with all my affidavits of evidence I hold against them.


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