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To Soy or Not to Soy - Walter Veith
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Published 2 months ago |

Is there a difference between soy protein and other proteins? Soy gets a lot of negative press in the media. Is it warranted? Is soy bad for you? Does soy contain estrogen? Is there a difference between estrogen and phytoestrogen? Is it true that soy causes feminization of boys? Are phytoestrogens bad or do they have health benefits instead? What light can science shed on the question of whether we should eat soy products or not?

Many are concerned that getting enough protein in a vegan diet is complicated. Is that true? Some say plant foods won’t supply enough protein. What about plant versus animal protein? Is there a difference? What can we learn from the traditional African diet, rich in legumes, maize, vegetables and fruit, and how does it compare with the modern western diet? Why are chronic illnesses largely a first-world problem? Popular diets today shun carbohydrates. Are carbs bad? What does where a woman lives have to do with the likelihood she will develop osteoporosis or not?

In this lecture, retired nutrition research scientist Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the science behind the foods we eat to determine the truth about soy and answers many questions about how our health is affected by diet choices. Find out how God has provided everything that pleases the eye and is good for our health in the original Eden diet.

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