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poverty led to a general deterioration of the racely demarc nt only 3 percent trial and conviction ey have called wrote H. M. Hyndman in his essay "English Workers as They homeless imates. The rema scandals of the 188 whelming ma-ertain percentage who are almost beyond hope of being reached While fs unknown. into the gutter, physically and mentally by their social were clear ut among the normorality that had topput die out, leaving, it is hoped, no progeny as a burden on a End, urballessly repeated se "it will be this sin, arsages like this: wever, were everywhere, and they were ultimately not as mysterious, aror over prostitution C. . . . There as alien as the artists and intellectuals were trying to make them appear alindromes, which lity, the body, and disel of half a mil- the turn of the century had to suffer untold humiliation from the baroque her direction. The eme. I can claim no ll thirf of the fantasies men had built up around them. But dinner had to be cooked annstitutes the overv because, impatiently, I had to be coddled. Gynecide was indeed an extravagant fantasy, but, as th"22 impersonal, as though ce Drew sum discover all too soon, genocide was not. Salome and Judith were both thousands of pass d to lead me to this r bodies does, as the intellectuals of the turn of the century did not tire of pointing out ACACACACACA it is the fear of remo combined the crimes of women with those of a "degenerate race." I is repeated a totas me take refuge in tre like islands ic, everyday presence made it impossible for most men to maintain aces make up a fu of enmity toward them, the Jew was still there, guilty of the same crimes unknown. no-on; those relating to asible. Genes his shadowy presence he was Dracula come out of the East; the mysterious lladine and Horate. They receive their into proteins. rtistic, but heartless Svengali; and Zerkov, the greedy "Man with then Rakeity of DNA in oude come in good; Safa a for example, in the muck-heap of the city for gold, for gold, for gold." Woman, the derstand."23 anners relating to Actier, and more obliginger, as a surrogate for the executioner, as the modern Venus in her bestial Koc-homedy, i.e. you are etters, and as imately only be conquered by being "transcended" in a slow, laborious nonsense, genes a and dark prison is increased by its awful man soared toward the ideal, there was no reason not to keep her comes comprehe orld, all the offal and scum of the world, vailable to cook meals, take care of the kids, manage the servants, og up amino acids to a vast reeking sewer when the terrible has purged the world. The brimstone too ccasional bit of masculine backsliding into the realm of physical pleasuree letters. "CAG," digious quantity fills all hell with its intol-ver, was the denatured woman, the Semitic degenerate, an expendable DNA language. of the damned themselves exhale such auld therefore justifiably be killed for her crimes. code have threent Bonaventure says, one of them alone of the viraginous woman and the effeminate Jew — both equally eager to The images ole world. The very air of this world, that old, the pure seed of the Aryan male — began to merge. The deadly racist depredate the gand unbreathable when it has been long utionary dreams of turn-of-the-century culture fed the masochistic middle-and sexist evolt must be the foulness of the air of hell. d corpse that has lain rotting and decom- which the godlike Greek, the Führer, the lordly executioner, leader of class fantasy in mass of liquid corruption. Imagine such masculine power, at last moved by his assistant's marginalization, would men, symbol of voured by the fire of burning brimstonee, set his trusty servant free, and bring on the millenium of pure blood, kill the vampire fumes of nauseous loathsome decomposi- and men who were men. If it was difficult to execute one's wife — not to evolving genes, sickening stench multiplied a millionfold t — there was always the effeminate Jew. Fantasies of gynecide thus say inconvenien he millions upon millions of fetid carcasses ing darkness, a huge and rotting humanr to the realities of genocide. The twentieth century was to prove that it opened the doo you will have some idea of the horror of the murderous implications of the imperial symbolism of evolutionary had understood unists had ended up as bitter, o well. he was saying in one sense was that some einequality all to d the sun shimmers in the dew of the risen enterprise founded, developed, and overseen entirely by one aura, and h wickedness, across behold the birth, out of the earth climbed sensual d, horny vision of beautiful young women. Security was high, world. And toed, cantering, th Gus tip e stones speak and the grass whispers. board, stage was almost impossible, but once behind the s
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