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The Not So Chosen People, Part 7-1: Introduction
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Published 2 years ago
Part 7 Session 1 is the introduction to the final part of the Not So Chosen People series. Part 7 will examine the Biblical perspective of the rise of the Aryan nations and the lost tribes of the House of Israel.

We will follow the Israelites into the Kingdom of Media and into the Greek City States, as we examine the historical records of the Second Coming of Christ that occurred in 70 AD.

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Section One: Introduction
Section Two - Part One: History Of Greece
Section Two - Part Two: History Of Greece
Section Three: The Rise Of Cyrus the Great (delayed)
Section Four: History Of Medo-Persia (delayed)
Section Five: Worlds Collide
Section Six: The Rise Of Alexander The Great
Section Seven: Wars of the Diadochi
Section Eight: The Rise of Rome (TBD)
Section Nine: The Crucifixion And The True Temple Of God
Section Ten: The World Is Not Ending (TBD)


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