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BJ Penn Runs For Hawaii Gov, AG Garland Targeting Parents, & How To Handle Mandates
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Published 2 months ago |
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Sources used in video:

This story will go away quick, wrong agenda -

BJ Penn to run for Hawaii governor -

It's always some corrupt money reason with the left -

Deep state plant whistleblower is a joke -

Here's how one Texas employer beat the mandate -

Here's how you do it, mass non-compliance -

Here's what happens when comments are allowed on youtube -

Proof the vaxx destroys your immune system -

More pedophiles taken down, children rescued -

Pope's guard fired for not getting jabbed -

Can we trade Potatohead for this guy -

These are the stories you'll hear more and more -

Minnesota school district forces boys to act gay -

Engineered supply line crisis to last until 2023 -

How to red pill a liberal -

More proof liberalism is a mental disorder -

Leftists always have to attack, even each other -

How to trigger a liberal -

An armed society is a polite society -

Steve Inman -

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