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None Dare Call it Murder [1996 - Anthony J. Hilder]
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Published 4 months ago

There has been an inordinate number of deaths under very suspicious circumstances -- surrounding the man who once occupied the "Oral Office" of the White House. In fact, more people have fallen victim to this "sudden death syndrome" surrounding Bill Clinton than through the combined serial killings of the Boston Strangler, Jeffrey Dahmer, The Son of Sam, Charles Manson, and Jack the Ripper... yet None Dare Call It Murder.

Attorneys who knew too much, associates who heard too much, informants, investigators and former pals of the President from Vince Foster to Ron Brown who have spoken too much have met sudden, brutal and violent deaths.

This long and ever growing list of victims which includes two teenage boys named Henry and Ives who "had seen too much" of a drug operation near the airport at Mena, Arkansas and were routinely executed before being placed side-by-side on a railroad track in front of an on-coming freight train.

The plethora of killings which resulted from stab wounds in the back, clubbings in the face, gunshots in the face and chest, poisonings, drownings, explosions, plane crashes, microwave weaponry, and freak accidents have come under "extremely suspicious circumstances". Their deaths have been listed as accidental or suicides by cooperating government authorities close to Clinton... but None Dare Call It Murder.

The unanswered questions surrounding these killings will haunt this nation until the killers who orchestrated these crimes are brought to trial. Is there some sort of unwritten code or diplomatic immunity granted when one becomes the governor of a state or head of a nation? Are Presidents, Prime Ministers and Kings above the law, or should they be allowed to use the law and the police to protect themselves from the consequences of the crimes they commit?

None Dare Call It Murder validates your darkest suspicions about the former President and his First Lady, and asks the question, "Would justice be best served if Bill Clinton served out a term in The Big House?"

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