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"WE THE PEOPLE" We have had the Power since 1931
(UK) – Statute Law Revisions act, Removed of Sec. 2 of the BNA act, legally removing the Monarchy and all heirs from Canada upon Queen Victoria’s death in 1901.
1931: Statute of Westminster, ending the letters patent/BNA act, allowing Canada to Confederate. Key word here is (the letters patent) only the crown in chancery in England issue letters patent. Not the queen.
The Purpose of the Travelling Truth is to bringing some important information you , your family and friends may be interested in Listening , watching videos and may be interested in having the team visit your local area to educate more people on a Solution
Direct Democracy was a Solution to remove corrupt Legislation - Allow the Sovereigns to create Legislation and Finally to create a Constitution "For the People of The People by the People "- Political System - Referendums failed as the Clarity Act - ensure NO Referendums could ever work - READ the Clarity Act Below

Canada a Country without a Constitutions

Canada a Country with out a Constitution

Canada a country without a Constitution - YouTube
Constitutional Conventions Core beliefs: DeJure Constitutional Conventions - We hold these truths to be self...

HO CANADA - Russel Rogers Smith

This is Video explains the typed of Governments

Travelling Truth Tour -"WE THE PEOPLE"
Constitutional Convention -on the tour educating and learning from others.

Travelling Truth Tour - The Myth is Canada - YouTube
Travelling Truth Tour - The Myth is Canada - Why we are Creating a True Constitution - Join us creating this amazing Document Travelling Truth Tour - The Myth is Canada - this is a brief ...

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