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Urgent Message: Blocked by Google.
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Greg Caton
Published 8 months ago |
After 24 years on the internet (1995-2019) AO Labs' co-founder, Greg Caton, issues the company's first ever "urgent message," concerning the coming Google ban on all "anti-cancer, anti-vaccination, and anti-GMO websites and pages" -- as part of Big Tech's concerted effort with Big Pharma to effectively eliminate all free speech from the internet if it doesn't dovetail with their corporate objectives. We are responding to yesterday's exclusive from Mike Adams at -- see :

. . . however, we have been aware of this activity since September of last year (2018).

So that you don't lose contact with us, please print out the following page so you will continue to be able to find us, since you will not be able to use your search engine to find us if you use Google. You can still use "Alpha Omega Labs" or "Greg Caton" to find us on the popular search engine,, for now, but we cannot determine if this campaign to block free speech will affect other search engines, as well :

Contact print out:
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