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Magnet Test Proves: 60-percent of Covid Shots are Saline
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Published a year ago |
This is why booster shots are needed. 40-percent get the actual kill shot. 3 booster shots (20-percent at a time) will ensure the rest of the population is maimed, for 100-percent.
- The ratio of "I am fine" to maimed they need to keep their plausible deniability afloat.

Jim Stone, "Here is what happened: A youtuber set up a "magnet challenge" site on a public street, telling people to test to see if the magnet sticks to their arm after the shot. 15 people were tested and 6 had the magnet stick. Since they probably go by rounded numbers (that's the most logical way to do it) 4 out of 10 jabs is the actual shot. That's why they need endless repeat vaccinations, to make sure they get everyone. And my guess is that if the first shot is the real one, records are kept to make sure the second shot is the real one. Wow, the first two covid shots did nothing to me, but that third one kicked my butt." The above was done in a confirmed and organized way. There's no way to debunk this now."

The video was deleted "For Violating Demonic Community Guidelines" of telling the truth.

The last 2 thumbnails are, Sabo Art (Invasion of the Snitchers and California Psycho), from May 2020.

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