Israel Doubles Down On War
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Israel is doubling down on its war against the Hamas Movement and other Palestinian armed factions in the Gaza Strip, despite facing more pressure on other fronts in addition to mounting international pressure.

On June 2, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) expanded its operations in the southern Gaza area of Rafah, where more than one million Palestinians have been taking shelter, by storming the Yabna camp.

The next day, June 3, the IDF acknowledged that four more Israeli captives had been killed in Gaza. The military said that the four were held together in the city of Khan Younis in the southern part of the Strip. The hostages were likely killed in Israeli strikes on the city.

Later on June 4, the IDF resumed operations in central Gaza, launching an attack in the eastern areas of Bureij and the east of Deir al-Balah. The military reported “operational control” over the two areas in the morning of June 5. However, clashes with Hamas and other factions were still being reported there.

One June 6, the IDF reported a Palestinian raid from southern Gaza in the direction of the settlements of Kerem Shalom and Holit. The raid highlighted the failure of recent Israeli operations in the Strip.

The recent Israeli escalation in Gaza led to more tensions on the front with Lebanon. Hezbollah launched 40 attacks against the IDF between June 2 and 5. Rocket and drone attacks by the group led to major fires near the settlement of Kriyat Shmona and in the occupied Golan Heights on June 2 and 3.

In addition, the group struck a radar of the Iron Dome air defense system in the Golan’s Yarden barracks using a suicide drone on June 2 and a launcher of the system in the Ramot Naftali barracks using a guided missile on June 5.

Israel also faced another missile attack from Yemen on June 3. The Houthis said they launched a new type of ballistic missile dubbed “Palestine” at the Red Sea port of Eilat. The missile was however shot down by the Arrow air defense system, according to the IDF.

Furthermore, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq announces drone attacks against a vital Israeli target in the city of Haifa and another on the shores of the Dead Sea on June 2 and 4.

Despite failing to secure any achievement, Israel is not only determined to go on with the war on Gaza, but also appears to be inching closer to war with Hezbollah in Lebanon. In addition, Israel is once again provoking Iran. On June 2 an Iranian military advisor was killed in Israeli strikes on the northern Syria governorate of Aleppo. Tehran has vowed to respond.


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