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COVID-19 and Global Warming: The Powers Aligned Against Us
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Peter R. Breggin, MD
Published 4 months ago |
Patrick Wood is a science-based critic of Sustainable Development, the Green Economy, UN Agenda 21, and Technocracy. We also discuss global warning and agree that the much greater threat is probably global cooling and a mini-ice age. He is a strong proponent of freedom of speech. (See

The people supporting these deadly agendas and suppressing free speech are largely the same as those using COVID-19 to destroy the economies of the world ito prepare for the Great Reset. He makes a powerful case for their intentional destruction of our economies, at the cost of human life, in order to “build back better.” I take the theme into an area he has also explored: How much these global predators are filled with hatred toward humans and want to see a smaller number of us alive for their good and the good of the planet. A fast moving yet thoughtful exploration of the powers aligned against us. A final thought: People cannot be "objective" about other people. Something in us connects us passionately to others and if we don't love or care about them we easily hate them.
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