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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #233
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2020-08-02

Topics: Social Media Group Outreach & Questions & Clarifications Call-In Show Part 3, Government Agent Trolling on Facebook, Explanation of the origins of the name Rhochar, Mark's assumed identity as an ordained priest of the Church of Satan, Absurdity of mask-wearing in the CoVID-19 Scamdemic, Feebleness of the Fake-Ass Patriots, So-called "Settled" "Science," People still can't understand that Government has no right to exist AT ALL, Mark's planned guests demonstrate the lack of technical competency and the need to become competent if you really want to reach people publicly online, Social Media is NOT a good way to reach people with the message of Natural Law online, Vomit Man Troll explains "Natural Law," Trolls who obfuscate Animal and Plant life when discussing Veganism, Man does NOT have dominion over Animals, Animals possess Rights, We are in a Great Spiritual War, Computer literacy IS modern Literacy, Mark to be interviewed on "Dark To Light" this week, Vetting process to allow people to post and comment on in Social Media Groups about anarchy and Natural Law, Getting rid of UNTRUE and DELIBERATE disinformation about Natural Law and Anarchy is NOT censorship, Vimeo and other Big Tech companies censoring content like the dirty rotten NAZI TRASH they are, Social Media is a DROSS DUMP, Will Power and Intellect among Dark Occultists, Methods to try to to keep centered and balanced, Plant-based Diet, Juicing, Supplementation, Meditation, Concentration, Contemplation, the Elimination of all Anger means that a part of your SOUL has been DESTROYED, the Critical Moment Of Choice spoken about in the WOEIH intro is happening RIGHT NOW, NEVER speak to on-duty cops, There is NO EXCUSE that YOU are not sending the message out RIGHT NOW, Ritual Magic and Directed Thought Experiments, the Satanic Agenda of Androgyny, Removing the distinction between the sexes to kill human uniqueness, the Occult significance of 2020 related to humanity's ability to SEE, Werner Heisenberg's quote: “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.", Psychedelics as a tool but not a Panacea, Don't follow Gurus or anyone else but use your own Discernment, Nice is not necessarily Good, One Great Work Network will highlight content creators who are doing the Great Work effectively, Dark Occultists own and control Police, Military and Politics, Police and Military are the "dogs" of Satanists, Satanists don't actually "worship" any deities but try to embody Adversarial Archetypal Energy, "The" Satan as Adversary or Opposer of Order, Incompetence invariably leads to Impotence, Acquiring Life-Skills leads to personal Autonomy, Get Autonomy or be an Automaton, Military entrainment and entrancement, the Importance of listen to ALL episodes of what On Earth Is Happening IN ORDER, Do your own Work and stop complaining about how others who ARE doing it are doing it, Understanding True Objective Morality from the perspectives of the Ancient Mystery Traditions, Free Energy can NEVER manifest as long as Government exists, a Cataclysm destroyed Earth's Eternal Spring in our past, Cataclysm brought the Lack and Survival Mindset to humanity, Human beings don't belong in the extreme climate regions of Earth, Human being do NOT need to eat animal flesh, Vomit Man gives his "expert" opinion on going vegan "Cold Turkey."

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