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Vax Blackout 6 | The Unvaxxed Don't Aquire The Same Illnesses (As The Vaxxed)
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Published 8 months ago |
Vax Blackout 6 | The Unvaxxed Don't Aquire The Same Diseases & Disorders (As The Vaxxed)

Thomas Renz
🌐Renz Law
October 2, 2021 - Attorney Thomas Renz speaking at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in Michigan says he is constantly contacted by families across America who have loved ones being killed by the hospital protocols that Fauci instituted in all US hospitals. The Remdesivir + Ventilator protocol finds people ...

Robert Kennedy Jr.
- Director of Children's Health Defense

• Greg Reese
Content Producer

Medicare Statistics:

Utta Pradesh, India Ivermectin Treatment:

Remdesivir Adverse Events & Injuries

Remdesivir Real Death Numbers:

Do Antiviral Pills Negate The Need For Vaccine Mandates?

Ivermectin Evaluation for the Treatment of Covid-19 | NIH Website:
ReAwaken America Tour | Request Tickets At:

Join General Flynn & Support the Families of those killed in Afghanistan at:

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Protest is Patriotism,
Protest is Protestant,
(and let's make some citizens arrest before they arrest us for things just like this; finger typing aloud, while thinking is allowed).
I've had enough of the mental illness being imposed on us continuously for two years running. I'm ready to remove the scabs.
What happens when you combine millions of Americans + citizen's arrest? Organize a prison for all the pushers. Roundup collect them in mass peacefully. We save humanity.
A new sheriff is in town, the citizens run the prisons. Reform the system.

Can I ask you something for real? Where have you drawn your line? The line, that hilll you will die on before that line is trespassed? Do you have a line set? If not, you should draw one or two or three, any number just not 0. If you don't have a line drawn, you won't have ground to stand on. And all this slow motion decline is in vain. We are living in vanity fair.

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