Send Them Home "Go Back to Where You Came From!"
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SEND THEM HOME. #SendThemHome. See in first video of #IA's leaving their homeland, the military uniforms of organizers, overseers. Praise be, Poland! Holding it down and setting a fine example. Thanks to DDees for the Sheeple Magazine cover, note the dates on that and stats- 10 years ago and things have worsened exponentially. This is an existential crisis and mainstreamers in 3Normyville are being treated like mushrooms- Kept in the dark, and fed b.s.
#Solution Get these stickers up in 3D Normyville, prime their psyche so we can end this diabolical madness. "Ya gotta tell 'em first".

Go Back To Where You Came From #SendThemHome, English:

Go Back To Where You Came From #SendThemHome, French:

Go Back To Where You Came From #SendThemHome, German:

Mushrooms: In The Dark... Tee design, also on a mug:


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