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Get Home Bag (GHB) system
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Black Swamp Prepping
Published 2 years ago |
My Get Home Bag (GHB) is the first layer of my emergency system. This is designed to either let me stay where I am in case bad weather makes it impossible for me to travel home and I have to spend the night at my workplace (which I had to do before), a hotel (if I was able to make it to one), in my car, or if unforeseen circumstances forces me to walk to my home.
This always stays in my car and could also count as my Bug Out Bag (BOB) if I could not make it to my home for any other reason.

This is the first layer in my emergency system, GHB, then BOB, then if need be there's the INCH system at my disposal.

Currently this is set up for winter use and some items I will already be wearing to help reduce the amount of bulk in the pack.

I will be adding by Bug Out Bag (BOB), and my I'm Never Coming Home (INCH) bags as soon as I can.

I am in no means an expert and stress that this kit is situated for my climate and conditions. I do not list any weaponry in my kits because this is intended as instructional for countries or states where some some weapons might be illegal. This is about having basic preparations for survival and the items I list are tools only.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please put them below.
Thank you.
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