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The Best Health Freedom Senator Ever!
Published 4 months ago

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The Best Health Freedom Senator Ever!

Jonathan Emord – Candidate and famous FDA lawyer




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Despite mostly pathetic politicians in our national government, a few outliers include, in the House, the members of the Freedom Caucus, and, in the Senate, Messrs. Paul, Lee, and Johnson.  The rest, well, are whores for Pharma, Biotech, Insurance, Ag and Telecom – or, sadly, have been compromised.  Whatever attracts financing for reelection seems to be the only priority for these RINOs.  Dems, of course, are useless, except a few on Wireless and Frankenfood. 


Mr. Emord gained Health Freedom fame via victory in eight landmark lawsuits against the FDA.  What could make him Congress’ best politician stems from his experience as a young lawyer in the FCC during the Reagan Administration.  As some in Health Freedom know, there is another priority issue now outside of vaccine choice.  It has to do with informed consent around the coming “Wireless Mesh” that will morph into a Digital Gulag, courtesy of W.H.O. preemption.  Will future Senator Emord take the lead on ensuring broadband connectivity respects consumer preference for fiber, the safe alternative to wireless?  Will he implement RFK's promise to root out regulatory capture that smothers science and coerces citizens? 


Will Mr. Emord, further, join Democrats on forcing farmers not to rely on GMOs, pesticides, and livestock over-vaccination?  And is he brave enough to broach the taboo topic of the ongoing, dangerous geoengineering? 


That is, can Mr. Emord, or anyone, become the total leader in Health Freedom our country desperately needs?

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