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Brighteon Broadcast News, June 8, 2023 - WSJ confirms pizzagate pedo network is REAL after all
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Published a year ago

0:00 Intro5:25 Dr. Peter McCullough

13:15 Pizzagate

20:40 One Sausage Per Month

26:18 Drug Vending Machine

37:57 Interview with Dr. Ed Group

1:20:44 CRYPTO update

- Vast "pizzagate" pedophile network uncovered by the WSJ

- Pedos run loose on Instagram, using code words to traffic children

- German govt. wants to limit citizens' meat consumption to one sausage per month

- Climate cultists now targeting humans' PROTEIN consumption

- 600,000 Americans now DEAD from the covid vaccine, warns Dr. McCullough

- NYC Mayor Adams wants to house illegals in PRIVATE HOMES

- The "replacement" will be complete when they take over your home

- Full interview with Dr. Ed Group from Global Healing Center

- Brighteon platform crypto update - private money, tipping, e-commerce and more

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