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The Starseed Generations of the 12th Egyptian Dynasty of the Great Pyramid and the Number 137
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The Starseed Generations of the 12th Egyptian Dynasty of the Great Pyramid and the Number 137 and a multidimensional extraterrestrial Agenda of Universal Consciousness Physicalization by a process of Supramental Metamorphosis 

 The Starseed Generations of the 12th Egyptian Dynasty of the Great Pyramid and the Number 137

Pharaoh Senusret III, the 81st pharaoh of Egypt according to the Turin King List (TKL), reigned from 1879BC to 1840 BC and shared his reign with his son Amenemhat III (82nd king)
from 1840BC to 1813BC towards the end of the 12th dynasty of Egypt.                                        Dynasty 12 encompassed a period from 1991BC to 1801BC and from the founder  of this dynasty known as Amenemhat I (77th king) to its last female Queen pharaoh Neferusobek (84th  pharaoh), daughter of Amenemhat III and the wife of Amenemhat IV as the 83rd king of the TKL. As Amenemhat IV had no son, Queen Neferusobek became pharaoh following the death of Amenemhat IV in 1805BC.

Amenemhat I (1991BC – 1972BC) had been the vizier (adviser, architect, and administrator) of the last pharaoh Mentuhotep IV of the 11th dynasty and was not of the royal bloodline of the preceding pharaohs. He was  a nomarch, a local provincial nomadic ruler, overseeing the administration and political settings of a tribal or clan-based culture.

He was the son of a priest Senusret and a mother Nefret and is identified in texts of antiquity, like the Masoretic Torah and the Old Testament as Ishmael, son of Abraham and Hagar, the Egyptian handmaiden of Sarah, Abraham’s half-sister wife and concubine of Abram of Ur of the Chaldees (2053BC – 1878BC).   

The 11th dynasty of Egypt was founded by a ‘legendary’ person called Intef the Elder ruling as Mentuhotep I from Upper Egypt, capitol Thebes from 2134BC – 1991BC and as the historical pharaoh Mentuhotep IV (1998BC – 1991BC). Mentuhotep I as 71st king in the TKL is included, but Mentuhotep IV (2010BC-1998BC) is omitted from the TKL (lacuna) between the 76th king and the 77th king Amenemhat I as an archetyped or ‘legendary Ishmael.     

The legendary ‘local ruler’ Intef the Elder from the 10th Egyptian dynasty so is identified from the Zep Tepi ancient records as Abram of Ur of the Chaldees migrating from Sumer into Egypt in a time period of 25 years from 1978BC to 1953BC and imaged in a time period of 25 years from 2132BC to 2157BC to identify the ‘Battle of Siddim’ {Zep Tepi code Gen.14} as the Sumerian invasion of the Gutha dynasty ending the Akkadian Sumerian 16th dynasty of Sargon of Akkad in in the encoded time frame for the 17th dynasty of Gutium from 2168BC to 2025BC and contemporary with the 2nd dynasty of Lagash of Sumer from 2149BC to 2025BC according to the Sumerian King List (SKL).

This interwovenness of Sumerian dynasties is paralleled in the second intermediary period of Egypt from the Zep Tepi  (the time before time) records from 1801BC to 1533BC encompassing dynasties 13 to 17 and ending with the expulsion of the Hyksos under the founder of the 18th Egyptian dynasty Ahmose I (1550BC-1525BC).

The Middle Kingdom of Egyptian history spanning dynasties 11 and 12 from Mentuhotep I at 2134BC to 1801BC and Queen Neferusobek intersects the first intermediary period of Egypt of dynasties 7 to 10 (2193BC-2168BC) from the great age of the pyramid builders of the Old Kingdom from 3134BC to 2193BC of dynasties 1 to 6 .         

From 2193BC, the Egyptian kings ruled from Memphis of the Northern Lower Egypt (dynasties 7-8) but became subject to the rulers of Southern Upper Egypt, who reigned from Heracleopolis from 2168BC (dynasties 9-10) contemporary with the pharaohs of the 11th dynasty, who’s capitol was Thebes from 2134BC to 2061BC and the time of Abram as a Intef the Elder, ‘keeper of the door of the South’.

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