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Snooze Button Crusher - The Hip Hop Wake Up Hour ((OG Mix in 432Hz))
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Published a year ago |
This is just a simple wake up call, as if the last 2 projects weren't enough.. But it's never enough when the lies are pumped out profusely 24/7! After this we're gonna see where we go from here.. i have 2 joint videos coming out soon that talk about food, something that the truth community needs to consider a little bit more in their own lives just as well as anyone else.. after those, there'll be a mix about the whole mass media malarky telling lies to your vision- breaking that down with convicting and comical precision.. So come back soon for another listen!

There were 3 mixes with this title Snooze Button Crusher a few years ago which were barely seen and hindered to to copyrights, which is cool cuz that gave me the opportunity to tak'em down, reformulate and come up with something better.. This is still in the wake the fuck up phase and style of messages.. I come with the truth in a plethora of flavors and tonalities- this is the though love kind.. My more spiritual side is all over the JazzyHipHopSoulVibes series (there's only 15 hours of good listening material there ;)

Yes these mixes speak on many conspiracies, but when one goes in depth into these issues and considers the whole spectrum with an open mind, the conclusion is usually to the tone that these are facts recorded throughout history, not just petty "theories" of conspiracy... watch out for these programmed/hi-jacked words and terms.. People seem to get mad at the messengers more so than the one's that are manipulating them on the daily.. i will rain on your parades of ignorance only to leave you with the sun shining brighter than it was before.. The collective is astonishingly apathetic to the tyranny in the world and that needs to change otherwise we won't get outta this.. I know people hear the disinfo and want to believe that going into syria justifiable, but this war shit needs to stop.. If people understood the magnitude of what this violence creates in the energetic field of consciousness on this planet.. If only people truly understood the causal factors of WHY these bullshit wars take place... they would withdraw all support to these inhumane acts..

As an anarchist in the true sense, i see all you truthers for trump- you're trippn' and got it twisted.. He showed you who he really serves.. Don't expect any potus to save you.. We are the true real change we want to see in this world.. We are the one's that need to flip the script on this whole governmental system and create a new and improved paradigm.
ready to step out of the arm chair quarterback position and step up for the cause?

thank you to all the artists for creating this music!
Snore no more intro
Last Trumpet - Latyrix
What If - Azeem
War - Outkast
Coinsequences - Public Enemy ft. Paris
Conspiracy Theory - Bored Stiff
Questions - Wake Self
Memorial Day snippet - The Perceptionists
The People Will Prevail - Payday Monsanto
Guess Who?? - Nite n Dae ft. EX2 & Mascaria
Just Be Careful Remix - Symmatree ft. CRASH DDZ
Sleep Machine - Odessa Kane
Get Up - The Coup ft. Dead Prez
A clump of trump on a stump slump
Damn-Nation - Beast 1333
Street Journalism snippet - L'Roneous
WYWS - Asheru
Sleepwalking - One Be Lo ft. Ka Di
Culture of Corruption - Olbers Paradox, Connect Logic & Antidote
Shady Liberty - Audiopharmacy
Alkemetic Wordplay - Marz Children
Monkey Mixchief Monologue
Now That's Sweet - X-Ray ft. Spiga

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