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Science as Religion - Junk Science Series S1E2
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Published 2 years ago
Darwinian Evolution: Evil Relic of Elitist Folly - Science as Religion: We will demonstrate to you, over the course of this video series, Darwinian evolution is really an outdated relic from times that most people would really rather forget ever happened. But, these things did happen. Why is it, 150 years later, we are still hanging on to this? That is an important question!

Some people would answer that question by saying, "Well, evolution is science and that is why we are hanging on to it. Evolution came along and it replaced superstitious religion with science and reason. " People who hold this view simply assume that science trumps religion. For a lot of people, it seems to. But is this true? For example, in our public schools science is okay but creation is not. Science has trumped religion in our public schools. This is true in many, many areas of society today.

If you want to get ahead in this world, then if religion is on the wane and so called "science" is really the rising star, then what do you have to do? You have to get on board with the science, right? That is basically the story. Science is the child of the elite in our society. For you to be accepted by the scientific elite, then you need to understand how things work. You need to follow the accepted formula. When you are talking about scientific subjects such as evolution, make sure you follow the accepted formula: Talk a lot about the scientific method, cite a ton of canned but very familiar bunk conclusions as examples, and most importantly always support Darwinian evolution. If you are not going to do it, then just shut up because you do not deserve a voice. That is really the attitude that you face out there in the world. Either accept it or shut up, because you are just ignorant. That is what you get.

As a believer in the Scriptures, do you have to accept that attitude? Do you have to be intimidated by people who take that attitude because they think they know all the scientific language which you do not know? Some of them may have letters behind their name, and you do not. Does that mean you don't have a right to make a judgment about evolution, for example? Is that true?

That is an elitist idea. When people think they have a right to have an opinion but you don't is an elitist idea. It reflects the elitist origins of evolution. Find out more details by viewing this video series.

WARNING: This video series contains SHOCKING content. These options are not our opinions--they are the actual SHOCKING quotes of the scientists involved.

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