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Unveiling A Forbidden Topic: Alternative Cancer Therapies
Published 3 months ago

Megan Smith holds an M.S. in biology, and currently works as a documentary filmmaker and freelance investigative journalst. In 2016, Smith founded WayMark Productions, a company dedicated to bettering the lives of those with health afflictions.

Prior to that, she worked as a screenwriter, a Capitol Hill lobbyist, and a stage performer/recording artist. Smith was the first to report on the inaccuracy of Lyme disease testing for The Washington Post.

Smith wrote, produced and directed both of her two documentaries. Her first short documentary, “bOObs: The War on Women’s Breasts,” garnered international film festival awards and was turned into feature film and distributed by Cinema Libre Studio. The film looks into different breast cancer screening tests for women.

Smith’s second film, “A New Standard of Care: Alternative Cancer Therapies,” investigates the area of non-conventional cancer therapies and is dedicated to her late husband who passed of cancer in 2009.


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bOObs: The War On Women's Breasts

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