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Questions for Light Being Marilyn Monroe 2 Jan 2018

1. What were the circumstances of your death and what happened to you after you passed? Can you describe what it was like as an earthbound spirit and your subsequent spirit rescue?

2. Was the testimony from the ambulance driver James Hall regarding Dr. Ralph Greenson and your murder correct?

3. Were you also cloned? What are the Karmic consequences for someone being cloned?

4. Were you made aware of the Alien Agenda and/or the use of mind control in your dealings with the Kennedy brothers or any other high level contacts that you made?

5. Were you subjected to mind control and/or Satanic Ritual Abuse?

6. Did you have previous incarnation Karmic ties to John and/or Robert Kennedy? If so, can you explain?

7. Can you explain the underlying cause of the Hollywood sexual predation and manipulation? Would it be accurate to say that it is part of the agenda of the interlopers and/or the Alien Agenda?

8. Did you reincarnate after your death and is that person still living?

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