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CRUCIAL INSIGHT FOR INVESTORS: Robert Kientz (Seeking Alpha) Interviews Lynette Zang
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Published 2 months ago |
Summary: (by Robert Kientz)

I went to Phoenix to discuss the major market risks with a veteran trader who has worked in bonds, stocks, and the precious metals over four decades.

We discuss several key risk factors that either your sentiment indicator is not tracking, or you are likely not aware of.

The markets are telling us to make our plans for a flight to safety, and one of the safest investments is physical gold and silver.

Moving into 2019, I will be rolling the majority of my coverage to the precious metals and have several trips planned to discuss the markets with the industry experts for your benefit.

One of the most important factors an investor should consider is risk. Risk comes in two primary flavors that we will discuss in this article: risk of the market, and risk of the investment vehicle itself.

To explore both of these risks in the current economy, I flew out to Phoenix to interview someone very special who does very high quality research into both of these risks.

Lynette Zang has worked for over four decades in the financial industry, including extensive experience in both the bond and stock markets where she worked as a broker. She is currently the Chief Market Strategist for ITM Trading in the precious metals industry.

We taped the interview in her studio, which followers of her blog will be very familiar with. She has become somewhat of a sensation online for the in-depth analysis she does of the markets. She has recently conducted an interview with one of our own Seeking Alpha contributors, Danielle DiMartino Booth, whom is a former central banker with the Dallas branch of the Fed. I encourage my readers to check out that interview where Danielle discussed her experience within the Fed and how the central bank is a big risk to the markets right now.

You can view our interview in this video, and following I will analyze some of the key points on market and investment risk that we talked about.



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By ITM Trading's Lynette Zang

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