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Published 2 years ago
"This is the plan for all of us ... it has something to do with a topic called Transhumanism, or Human 2.0 ..."

"It is literally the melding of your human organic natural born body with artificial intelligence"

"They are going to sell it to you that if you have this artificial intelligence inside of your body, you can cure your cancer, etc."

"But there's always a price to pay for everything. That price is once you give up that sovereignty of your human body ... your brain ... your memories ... your thoughts ... it's a two way communication ... once that happens, there will be constant surveillance, constant monitoring ..."

"They can alter the way you behave."

"Right now in Western Africa, these poor people are being experimented on. Who is doing it? GAVI. Bill Gates. Also Mastercard. And Trust Stamp, which is an AI program. All of these are doing it to the poor people."

"Inside the shots is your digital ID -- it is like a barcode. They have a number. They are like cattle. Like property. Also, in the digital ID, on their body ... if you don't get this shot, you are locked out of the system ... you do not get your money (think, 666 ... "Mark of the Beast!")"

"They want you to be linked in to their system, which gives you a number."

"In their own words, they plan to use it for surveillance (spying) as well as predictive policing -- that is like the Tom Cruise Minority Report. This is frightening."

"They are admitting at this very moment, their plan and intention for using the technology inside of these injections has nothing to do about making you healthy, it is about spying on you and about predicitive policing. Unbelievable. They are lying to you. Once it is developed there, they say every developed nation will have this technology."

"And what do they call this? A wellness pass. AKA a vaccine passport. This is why they are pushing the injections, this is why they are trying to push the vaccine passport on everybody."

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