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Dense Earth Energies. We passed thru the 21-12 PORTAL. Massive ASCENSION Symptoms. Solar Flare Dome!
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Published a year ago |
Sande and Jo go over their intense Dense Energy reactions since 21-12. Major Body aches and pains, Nausea, Belly upsets, Immune system reactions, Head Aches, Ringing ears, Incredible tiredness and feeling like you are walking around with a metal diving suit helmet on.

We discuss our own Subconscious or Akashic Record Shadow Banning Ourselves, keeping us smaller than we should be.

Jo saw a metal dome around earth in a meditation and links back to the Atlantis Rings. (not mentioned). Is this what is causing our symptoms.

I have since been told that the Galactic Federation of Light put a metal shield around earth to protect us from the Solar Flares that are Imminent?
What are your thoughts? Is this dome good or bad. Either way, it is impacting the population especially the sensitives very intensely.

Be kind to yourself we are going through a major upgrade right now. Rest, stay hydrated and take extra supplements if needed and GROUND YOURSELF.

Much love and light
Sande and Jo

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