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Part 1 - The Virus Narrative vs The 5G EMF Microwave Radiation Narrative!
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Dr Robert Young
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Published a year ago

Part 1 - All-Cause Excess Mortality in Norway & 5G EMF Radiation As The Cause of CV Injuries & Death -

During the meeting, Andrews Brunstad presented his research on excess mortality in Norway, which found a clear link between 5G EMF and excess mortality rates. He compared mortality rates in cities with 5G EMF to those in rural areas without 5G EMF and found that the virus narrative is not supported by any scientific data. Dr. Robert Young added that the non-disclosed ingredients in the Covid-19 vaccines contain material that acts as an antenna for connecting to 5G technology to the human body and brain, which is directly related to reducing the quality and quantity of life. The findings suggest that the future of Wifi and pulsating EMF frequencies needs to be considered seriously, and that the link between 5G and excess mortality should be further explored.

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Excess Mortality and 5G Association in Norway0:01

The relationship between Covid-19 and 5G Association
The vaccine connection to excess mortality
Excess mortality related to Covid-19
Electromagnetic frequencies and their impact on mortality

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