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5G Protection Protecting Yourself from Wireless Radiation Exposure
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EMF Safety Zone
Published 4 months ago |
In this video I will attempt to answer questions I have been receiving about protecting yourself from 5G. I am not sure everyone will want to hear what I have to say. However, I speak the truth of this terrible situation as I see it and perceive it. At the end of the video, I also suggest two excellent products for potential protection and immune support for present virus concern.

Purchase the Safe and Sound Pro II or the Acousticom 2 here:!/Microwave-RF-EMF-Meters-Measure-all-types-of-wireless-radiation-and-electromagnetic-fields/c/32163251/offset=0&sort=normal

Microwave Shielding/Protective Clothing:!/EMF-Shielding-Clothing-Highest-quality-and-most-effective-shielding-clothing-available/c/32163292/offset=0&sort=normal

5G Shielding Paint / Nontoxic Graphene and Graphite Technology!!/EMF-Turtal-5G-Shielding-Paint-Latest-Graphene-Technology-Up-to-99-997-Effective-Shielding/c/40570073/offset=0&sort=normal

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Purchase EMF Protective Clothing:!/EMF-Shielding-Clothing-Highest-quality-and-most-effective-shielding-clothing-available/c/32163292/offset=0&sort=normal

- EMF Safety Zone Website:!/Microwave-RF-EMF-Meters-Measure-all-types-of-wireless-radiation-and-electromagnetic-fields/c/32163251/offset=0&sort=normal

eBay Store for EMF Meters and Protective Clothing:
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