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Top Gun 2: Maverick Trailer -- Jacket Patch Conspiracy?
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Published 2 years ago |
Top Gun 2: Maverick Trailer -- Jacket Patch Conspiracy?

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Video transcript:
This week saw the release of the long awaited Top Gun: Maverick trailer. It certainly lived up to the hype, however a sharp eyed twitter user ( noticed the patch on the back of Maverick's bomber jacket has changed.

Welcome to the Social Intelligence Report, in this episode, we'll look at the mystery surrounding Maverick's jacket. Is it movie related or a result of Chinese censorship?

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In the original Top Gun movie, the patch had both the Japanese and Taiwanese flags along with the words Far East Cruise 63-4, USS Galveston. This was supposedly tied to Maverick's Dad's tour of Vietnam.

In Top Gun: Maverick, the patch has changed and the Japanese and Taiwanese flags have morphed into unrelated shapes with the same color scheme. The new patch has the words 85-86 and Indian Ocean Cruise. This was where the dog fights took place in the original movie.

An investigation of the credits shows that one of the production companies behind the film is China's Tencent Pictures. There is the suggestion they have used their financial clout to have this minor detail changed.

As much as 35% of a movies foreign take at the box office comes from China, so there's a financial incentive to avoid being culturally insensitive.

China and Japan as war time enemies continue to remain at odds over historical and territorial issues.

And Taiwan, despite being democratic and self-governed, is considered to be a renegade province by China who have long said it will be reunified by force if necessary.

Patch differences aside, Jerry Bruckheimer is still at the controls, so we already know what type of movie Top Gun: Maverick will be -- a pulsating adrenaline rush that celebrates the power of United States Naval Aviation.

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