WTF?! A Love Poem
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Waking up is tough, having people to talk to is important. Love is the best. Full text below.

*Note: Please don't jump to conclusions about what you think I BELIEVE.*

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The Earth most likely is round

Though some would argue it’s flat

It could be contracting, expanding, or hollow

Or perched perchance on a Space Turtle’s back

Is life some architect’s miraculous spectacular design?

Or a simple spiraling pattern

What is this thing we live and die by called time?

And was it created by Saturn?

Is Saturn Satan?

Is Lucifer Venus?

Is it really a sin if I play with my penis?

Is there indisputably, truly a surface on Mars?

Could the sun maybe be Jesus?

What is the moon? Where did it come from?

And is it comprised of various cheeses?

Is Paul really dead?

Is it ok to eat bread?

On which meridian point should I angle my bed?

What are dreams?

What are thoughts?

Why do babies need so many shots?

Are the people at NASA lying to us?

Are NSA agents spying on us?

Are soldiers killing and dying for us?

Are supernatural forces vying for us?

What’s the deal?

What is real?

Can fuel from an airplane really melt steel?

Who’s in charge of this global conspiracy

Controlling and trolling, enslaving humanity?

So much division

So much derision

And who’s bonehead decision

Was circumcision?

Why do I care?

What is the point?

Should I tune it all out and spark up a joint?

Why try?

Why comply?

Why does the media constantly lie?

What are the governing forces expecting to gain?

By harvesting people and causing such pain?

Are they all in fact factually pedophiles?

Are they seriously, no joke Satanic?

Are the elite literally chillingly actually psychopaths?

Feeding on fear and our panic?

Could it really be

That the powers that believe they be

Would commit such atrocious atrocities?

Without ethics or morals or empathy?


Maybe not

But probably

Maybe it’s all one big simulation

An age-hold experimental situation


Perhaps this experience is merely a test

And I a mere dimensional guest

Perhaps perhaps

I’ll never know exactly how the towers collapsed

Or why the Kennedy files are still under wraps

It’s possible

I’ll never know for certain if evolution’s a lie

Or why anyone would ever take cake over pie

Or what’s above us up there beyond the sky

Or if Michelle Obama’s actually... a guy

I’m kidding

She’s not

… Or is she?

So many questions

So many theories

So many ideas, agendas and queries

Reverse official backward narratives

Mind-blowing sock-knockin’ off alternatives

Is the human race indeed endangered?

Are we already indentured servants?

Could anything possibly be any stranger

Than the possibility of Royalty being serpents?!

Who or what built the pyramids?

Who or what built Bitcoin?

* * *

All that to say

All that seems to melt away

At certain moments each and everyday

Now that I’m with you

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