Odin is Santa Claus. Let's Drink Mead In Valhalla At Yule - Pagan Christmas
11 views • 12/19/2021
Sung by Sara Nade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM-udMmNDDE
Santa GoPro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpjBWBOlOA4
Encounters with Odin: https://bit.ly/3z40NW7

Santa and Odin - Christmas and Yule: https://sonsofvikings.com/blogs/history/viking-origins-of-christmas-yule-traditions
Odin And Santa: The Norse God Delivered Gifts With An Eight-Legged, Flying Horse: https://historydaily.org/odin-and-santa

"Moksha from Earth" about the lighttrap: https://bit.ly/3ghTUZU
"Archons rule Earth" about the 7 planetary rulers: https://bit.ly/3D0RDfl
"Dark Side of Jesus" about John, the true Christos: https://bit.ly/3xZLP24

"The Templar Revelation" https://odysee.com/@SergeantSchultz:2/Lynn-Picknett,-Clive-Prince---The-Templar-Revelation.-Secret-Guardians-of-the-Identity-of-Christ:f

"Jesus the Usurper" - https://odysee.com/@SergeantSchultz:2/Lynn-Picknett---Jesus-was-a-Usurper,-John-the-Baptist-was-the-True-Christ.-The-Johannite-Tradition.:9

!!! MUST WATCH - Psychic project on "Freedom from Soul-Loosh Harvesting" https://odysee.com/@SergeantSchultz:2/Samsara-and-Rebirth:b
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