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Don't Be A Slave NEO! [Predictive Programming Exposed] [23.02.2021]
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Kim Osbøl - Copenhagen Denmark
Published 2 months ago |
Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.

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**Some may have sound issues from 8:10 to 9:10 in the video. It's an older clip of Bush Sr. so I
am not sure why it's acting up for some. Just fast forward through it**
YT keeps adding the Wickedpedia tag below my videos for Cue even though I cover Trump and the
right as much as the left. They don't want you to watch these, so now they are tagging them all.
I guess they are afraid that it could go viral. Thanks for all of your ongoing support.
It really keeps me motivated. Love you all! Stay blessed my friends. Time is wrapping up.
Yeshua Jesus Saves! Follow Him!

C. Ervana
Truth Media Revolution
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Debra Snipes - Oil In Vessel

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