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SPECIAL REPORT WARNING!! Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea and Team Verify Vaxxers Transfecting Non-Vaxxers - Transhumanism Agenda: Get on Weight Chart Doses of Nano Silver + Sodium Borate Immediately! 02.23.23
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Published a year ago

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Dr. Ana is verifying and validating many elements of what you have been warned about by since the PlanDemic began. The missing element (so far in the interview) is the Hydra/silicon-based LIFEFORM is manipulated by AI using the space based-digital HAARP carrier wave like the nanobots that are elements of the hydrogel. Dr. Ana spoke about biodata being uploaded to the "cloud." That cloud is connected to a Real-World Simulation maintained by AI that is populated by simulation hosts receiving our biodata much like you see in the movie The Matrix. Get more information by listening to my interview with Dana Ashley from July 2019 before the PlanDemic started.

Everyone has been warned repeatedly that Vaxxers are transfecting Non-Vaxxers:

Vaxxers Transfecting fecting Non-Vaxxers:

Those of you walking around without keeping Weight Chart doses of Nano Silver and Sodium Borate in your systems have been infected with the SARS "binary" bioweapons, and have likely been transfected by Vaxxers in your environment.

Watch: Todd Callender Discusses the Next PLANdemic: Dormant Marburg Virus in Vaxxers-Transfected Activated by 5G Pulses. Keep Weight Chart Doses of Nano Silver and Sodium Borate in Your System for Neutralizing Bioweapon Threats:


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