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2,000-Year-Old Mummy with the Golden Tongue near the 'Tomb of Osiris' [16.08.2021]
Published 3 years ago
Osiris, Seth, Horus, and the Divine Origins of Egyptian Kingship
The ancient Egyptian pharaohs’ divine model for ruling their kingdom came from the myth of the death of Osiris at the hands of his brother, Seth. The subsequent contest between Osiris’s son Horus and Seth is a battle for kingship over the earth.

It was recently revealed in the media that archaeologists had found a 2,000-year-old mummy with a gold tongue at an ancient Egyptian site in Alexandria. The discovery was made in one of 16 newly found burial shafts at Taposiris Magna, which means "tomb of Osiris". Intriguingly the excavation site where the mummy was found is also believed to be a potential site of Cleopatra's tomb. Archaeologists and explorers have been searching for the tomb of Cleopatra for hundreds of years without success, but could the tomb of the fabled queen of Egypt also be awaiting discovery at this site?

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