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"For we are here for one prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah"
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Aka SpiritualMessengers of God
Published 10 months ago |
On September 10, 1974, the spiritual messengers of God, Aka, told us why they are here.

"For the Lord, God, our Father, has brought us forth yet but for one purpose, and one purpose only -- for we are here but for that purpose, to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah. To prepare this way, we should bring forth and answer your questions, the knowledge of all times, of all places. But we do not do this just to satisfy your curiosity. We do this that you yourself may prepare the way within yourself, that when the Master should come upon the earth, you should know of him, and therefore, willingly give back unto him that that he has given unto you, the love.

"Our Father did send forth upon the earth His first begotten son. And he came forth in the Christ state. Yet there were others, we say unto you. Yet they were of one, yet separate and apart. But as you have climbed, so did the son climb. And we say unto you, it may be the beggar on the street who in his own way should reach the Christ state.

"Cast no stones upon thy neighbor. Give unto the Lord, God, that that belongs to God. Give unto thy brother that that belongs unto him. But just as important, give unto thyself the bountiful things of the earth that belong to you.

"But give each with love. And if they should take toil, then give of the toil. Wear the yoke in such a manner that even though it becomes a burden of love and heavy upon thy shoulders, it should be lightened by the Lord, our God. For does not one thing fall upon your earth leste our Father should see."

You can read more. New words shall be written upon the sky, but they must be written in men's hearts first" at
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