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The U.S. pays more for healthcare than any other wealthy nation but ranks last in quality of care
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High Hopes
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Jim Crenshaw

August 16, 2022

That is because the politicians and the medical community are too busy stealing from us to provide us with any kind of quality care. Healthcare has turned into a multi trillion dollar scam where we pay to be killed. Am I right or am I right? The healthcare system is a giant SCAM that you pay for!

The US healthcare system is a financial scam, designed for profit, not care. Unlike the rest of the world, the entire medical and healthcare system in the United States is for profit. And when there's money to be made, you can almost be sure that someone will abuse the system.

Health insurers implement secretive practices that stop people from accurately knowing what they're being charged. Companies like TeamHealth (owned by Blackstone) have such an influence over the business of the medical industry, that chances are your doctor or nurse is employed by them. And investment firms like Vanguard and Blackrock own at least a part in almost every single major publicly-traded hospital or healthcare system in the entire nation.

And of course, as you might expect, it's the poorest people in the nation who always suffer as a result of this. People who can't afford insurance, and even beg people not to take them to hospital when injured, because they likely won't be able to afford treatment.

Source: Sorelle Amore Finance on Sixth Sense:

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