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Published 2 years ago
This didn’t happen overnight, however there has been a sharp escalation over the last two years towards a goal that seems to be fixed on causing global famine in addition to the deliberate reduction in other necessary resources. Unless, of course, you believe that it’s just coincidence that in the last two years 22 food plants have been destroyed, over 30 million chickens have been culled this year, 150,000 ducks have been slaughtered in Quebec, Ireland is planning to kill 1 million sheep and cattle to meet ridiculous climate emissions targets, and encephalitis has been reported in Australian piggeries. This is all happening on top of the supply chain issues that we are already suffering from, not because of the virus, but because of our governments chosen response to it. In addition to this attack on our supply of meat, meat alternatives are being highly incentivized while at the same time hedge funds are purchasing mass amounts of land around the world, Bill Gates is the largest farmland owner in the US at 242,000 acres, and the Biden Administration is paying farmers not to farm. What do you believe will be the most probable outcome? Why such a push to reduce meat consumption? Whether you believe in climate alarmism or not, we can all agree that the human race cannot survive without food and water.


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