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⚕️ 🍗 Pharma Food: Biotech on Your Plate - Klaus Schwab Says "You Will Eat Ze Bugs"! 🦗 -- Rolling out lab grown meat required the eviction of Dutch farmers?
Published 12 days ago

Would you, knowingly, put the chemicals used to wash dishes and the heavy metals in antiperspirant products into your mouth?

Unlike soap and aluminum, the foods we eat may appear and taste to be harmless, and so often we consume them without truly knowing where they came from, what they’re made of and if they’ve been contaminated.

Elze van Hamelen researches technocracy, surveillance, food systems, behavior manipulation and more.

She writes for Catherine Austin Fitts’ ‘Solari Report,’ which includes the publications ‘Pharma Food’ and ‘The Dutch Farmers and Fishermen.’ Elze also contributes to an independent Dutch newspaper.

Children’s Health Defence put out a one hour video featuring the awful risks of manufacturing lab grown meat – including the need to produce it in facilities with highly trained staff to prevent an incidence rate of parts per BILLION of bacteria. (Remember, the climate freaks think 500 parts per MILLION jeopardizes the entire planet).

Source of Video: 

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