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You Live in a Communist Society - [Terror of Demons Morning Show]
Published 3 years ago
To God be the glory, and may His blessing and protection be over all who read these words, or watch these videos. LONG LIVE CHRIST THE KING!

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[DAY OF BREATH CHANNEL INFO: This channel ("Day of Breath") was started with the intention of bringing Christian content to the site, specifically, videos which I have found interesting or edifying at various times in the past. As such, you will find a great diversity of Christian content on this channel, from a variety of denominations and theological persuasions across the entire spectrum of Christianity. As events transpired over 2020, I thought it important to archive certain material pertaining to the crises of 2020, and felt it a patriotic duty to do so (considering the efforts of Big Tech censorship which we have all felt in some measure at this point).
I feel it necessary to inform my subscribers that I am, in fact, Catholic, and I plan on posting a lot more Catholic-oriented content. I converted to Catholicism some years ago, but had lapsed for longer than I'd like to admit. Nevertheless, I have always had love for Christians of all persuasions, and that will not change, even though I am (by the grace of God) rediscovering my Catholic faith. As such, I will also be showcasing Catholic videos from a variety of perspectives within Catholicism, although you will notice a common theme with all of them, as they pertain to current events.
Basically, I am only saying this because I want to be transparent to my subscribers. Indeed, I am greatly honoured by each and every one of you who have subscribed to my channel. I do hope that the content I post will be of benefit to you all, and I encourage everyone to check out earlier videos here as well.
As always (Lord willing, and such as I am able), I intend to continue posting important videos from the political sphere, especially those which are in danger of being censored, and/or those videos which contribute to our continued resistance against the globalist regime which seeks to enslave us.]
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